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Your Wholesale Supplier in a strategic location that suits you

It is known that the strategic wholesale supplier in a strategic location is the best match that you can find in your whole life. We are the biggest exporter in Egypt and we work with the best merchandise: Dry Pasta, Wheat Flour and Salt. And the best part is: we work with the lowest prices in the market. Our strategic location gives us other advantages to create the best deal for our customers. 

We have been working hard to be the best wholesale supplier who suits a large segment of pasta, wheat flour, and salt buyers around the world.

By meeting all tastes and budgets we offer essentials services like Private Label options and customized orders. Furthermore, we are certificated by ISO 9001:2015, Halal Certificate, and registered by the FDA, and we are a COMESA member. All of this just to be your best choice and the best wholesale supplier for your company\business.

We work with 10 different kinds of real Egyptian wheat flour. It is known that every market has its characteristics, and because of it if your necessities don’t fit our available flour specifications, we can do a customized order for you. We also offer more than 16 types of pasta, available in all shapes, made with our own flour that is manufactured with the best hard wheat grain imported to Egypt. And we work with crystal salt, too. We have all the requirements to meet all your necessities.

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We Make It Private​

But if you want to create your exclusive brand, we can do it for you with our private labeling option. And, if you are still in doubt about our product quality, you can get a free sample and try our quality before making the order. If our product is what you’re looking for, we will make all the hard work for you. In this case, our minimum order is just four containers, but only on the first order.

As you can see, we offer more than just good products and services, we help you to meet many fields with the perfect product for your customers. We are not only a wholesale supplier with a great strategic location, we are the best choice for your business.

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