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Private label: the ideal market strategy for your business is the match between our quality and your brand

Private labeling is a major part of our business. We have been launching new brands and exporting them all over the world for the last 17 years. Following all the market standards in this segment like confidentiality, quality, and flexibility, we know all of them are necessary when you’re looking for a private labeling supplier. And for us, this is nothing more than the minimum offered.

With Boom Plus you don’t need to worry about paying an external designer to create your own brand. Certainly, our design team will meet all your necessities. Hence, you can send your own logo or request for it with the same prerequisites. Furthermore, you have full control over the creation process. With us you choose:

  • The art color;
  • The product weight according to your business standards;

And more importantly, this is only a one-time expense. Our only requirement is the minimum order, at the first negotiation.  

“You don’t need to worry about paying an external designer to create your own brand. Certainly, our design team will meet all your necessities”

Our private label options

By choosing Boom Plus to provide your Private Label you can have three high-quality products: one of our pre-defined wheat flour varieties, or one of the sixteen types of pasta with numerous kinds of packages, or maybe one of the three types of salt. By choosing between our existing brands or making your own brand, we offer more than quality and good price. Our aim is to care about the particularities of your business, which is why, with us you have:

  • Confidentiality Contract: We make this private! Negotiate the terms of a confidentiality contract when you desire an exclusive brand. We’ll do our best to meet your necessities. And, be sure that everything your need is covered before making the deal.
  • Customized design and package: Send you own logo and design to our sales team or ask to talk with our design team so they can make the most attractive and beautiful brand for you. After having the better brand design, choose between bags, bulk or any kind of packets that you prefer and make your order.
  • Customized orders: If the product’s specification doesn’t match your business needs, you can also choose the percentage of protein in your flour, the kind of wheat grain that we will use in your pasta or the size of the salt crystals. Our mission is making your business grow through great quality and process flexibility.

The key to success is understanding the market and relying on professionals that do the same. Our years of experience give us the ability to have absolute control over the quality and creation process of private labels. With all of these advantages for your company, we are sure to declare that the match between your brand and our quality is the perfect deal for your business.  

Send us your Design and see how it looks in a package! With Boom Plus it has no cost

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We have been successfully creating unique brands all over the Africa and the Americas!

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