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Remarkable Taste Comes with Quality Pasta available in all shapes

Many of the traders and retailers do their pasta and spaghetti selections very carefully when they are searching for the perfect product to start or improve their businesses. So, when you desire the perfect product for your company, look no further than Boom Plus.

Eager to attend all your needs, we offer a variety of thickness and shapes in all pasta types. And it’s not only this, following all technical protocols and standards, we manufacture our own wheat flour to produce all kinds of pasta and spaghetti for the market. This fact allows us to keep control over the manufacturing process and to guarantee the high quality in each one of our products. This fact also gives you the opportunity to choose the ideal wheat flour to yield the perfect pasta and spaghetti for your businesses. Supplying to countries worldwide, we know that each market has its own specifications, we want to be the company that helps you meet those demands in the whole world.

Qualitative – Quantitative Formulation Of The Product

Quality wise our pasta is tasty, firm to the bite, without eggs, and not sticky.

Quantitative characteristics of our pasta are simple. Length is 26 cm and the thickness is available with two choices, 1.2 mm or 1.6 mm. The cooking time is from 6 mins to 8 mins, and the protein percentage is 12%.

Method of preparation

– Ingredient preparation –

– Kneading and dough formation –

– Rolling and sheeting –

– Cutting –

– Drying –

– Packaging –

– Quality control –

spaghetti 2.2mm
spaghetti 1.6mm
spaghetti 1.2mm

We offer a vast variety of packaging options to facilitate the product negotiation on the market.

All markets can be attended by our product. We offer a vast variety of packaging options to facilitate the product negotiation on the market. We offer 200g, 250g, 350g, 400g, 450g & 500g packaging under the spaghetti variety, and 200g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg packaging under all short-cut pasta shapes. You can choose the best size of pasta and spaghetti that fits better in your business.

This hugely popular food, as well as all our products, demand diligent effort and dedication in all steps. From choosing the wheat grain to storage and all the way to the shipping of the final product. We carefully attend to each meticulous detail to offer the ideal goods for our buyer. 

Description of the lotification system

At our pasta factory, we use a lotification system to ensure the proper tracking and identification of each batch of pasta we produce. This system allows us to organize and manage our production process, and to maintain the highest standards of quality and food safety. By assigning a unique lot number to each batch of pasta, we are able to trace each batch back to its source ingredients and production process, and to monitor and control the quality of our products at every stage of the manufacturing process. This helps us to maintain our commitment to producing high-quality pasta products.

Information concerning biological conservation and stability

At our pasta factory, we take the biological stability and conservation of our ingredients and products very seriously. We follow strict protocols to ensure that our raw ingredients are stored in a clean and temperature-controlled environment, and that our equipment and surfaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. We also have pest control measures in place to prevent contamination by insects and other pests. Additionally, we comply with all relevant food safety regulations and standards, and perform regular quality control checks to ensure that our pasta products are safe and of the highest quality. We are committed to maintaining the biological stability and conservation of our products.

When you desire the perfect product for your company, look no further than Boom Plus.

Come with us and discover all of our pasta and spaghetti types and brands that we have in our catalog.

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