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the ideal wheat flour is one that fits the needs of your business

With high quality, responsibility, and efficiency, we work hard to offer our buyers the best wheat flour in the market. We are committed to helping you to achieve your goals and to deliver the ideal goods for all your needs!

Everyone knows that there are a lot of types of wheat flour. The difference between them depends only and exclusively on the milling and which wheat grain was used in the process. What isn’t common knowledge is the fact that for each recipe that you want to make there is the ideal wheat flour to make this meal much more delicious and yummier for all tastes.

Do you desire wheat flour to make a cake? We produce it! Are you looking for wheat flour to make bread? We also produce it! You want the ideal flour to make pasta? We have that too! We have the perfect wheat flour that will make your pizzas even more delicious!

Honorably, we produce the perfect wheat flour with selected wheat grain from the most reliable supplier in this segment. Manufacturing our own wheat flour, we follow standards and requirements demanded by international regulations bodies as ISO 9001:2015 and Halal Certification. We’re also registered by FDA. That fact guarantees the high quality of our products and allowing them to be sold in the whole world.

Are you looking for the best wheat flour for your business? No more waiting! We have the ideal product for every market that you would like to meet and/or for every recipe that you want to make or create to delight your clients.

We work with ten different types of wheat flour, each one with its own quantities of gluten and protein – You can check this information below-. However, if you prefer wheat flour with other specifications, we can provide the perfect fit for you! You just need to contact us and customize your order!

Our Wheat Flour Types

Wheat Flour (Type)

Protein (Min %)

Gluten (From - To %)

Premium Hard






Premium Bread



Hard Noodle









Classic Bread 1






All Purpose






Most commonly asked for flour types are in 

Premium Hard Wheat Flour
With the highest score of protein, the Premium Hard Flour and the Hard Wheat Flour have 14.5% of protein and they differ between themselves only in the gluten percentage, 33-34% and 32-33% respectively. With the higher protein percentage, it’s the ideal flour to make yeast-raised products.
hard Wheat Flout
The Hard Wheat Flour has 14.5% of protein and 32-33% gluten percentage. With this specification, this kind of flour is perfect to make yeast-raised products.
premium bread wheat flour
With 14% protein, the Premium Bread Wheat Flour is among the strongest types of flour. Milted just with hard grains of wheat, its higher protein level helps give a better sustain to the bread to rise properly. With 31-32% of gluten, this wheat flour is ideal for a hard bakery.
hard noodle (whole wheat flour)
With 14% of protein and 30-31% of gluten, our Hard Noodle Flour is one type of Whole Wheat Flour. This kind of flour is dense and with higher levels of protein. It’s best used to bake confectionaries when the protein is close to 13% and to make pasta and noodle when the protein is close to 14% (like ours, of course). If you have a more specific necessity for your pasta, you can ask for a customized product.
bakery (whole wheat flour)
With 13.5% of protein and 28.5-29.5% of gluten, our Bakery Flour is one type of Whole Wheat Flour. It’s best used to make cookies, bread, waffles, and like the name already tells you, the usual bakery items.
noodle (all purpose wheat flour)
With 12.5% of protein and 27-28% of gluten, like the name already says, this kind of flour is great for making pasta and noodles (you can also check other types of wheat flour to make the best pasta for your business, Hard Noodle and Bakery wheat flour!).
classic bread wheat flour
With 12% of protein and 26-27% of gluten, the Classic Bread wheat Flour is milted just with hard grains of wheat, its higher protein level helps you give a better sustain to the bread to rise properly. To be easier and fit all markets, this wheat flour is ideal for every kind of bakery. If you’re looking for a different flour, you can check the specification of our other types of wheat flour.
soft (all purpose wheat flour)
Our Soft wheat Flour has 11.5% of protein and 24-25% of gluten, that fact makes it more efficient for making better bread and soft confectionaries.
all purpose wheat flour
While it’s not good for all purposes, it’s very close to that. The All Purpose Flour is the most common flour in daily life due to its versatility. It can be used to make recipes from cookies and pancakes to pizza dough and pasta (by the way, our pasta is made by our own flour!). With just 11.5% of protein and 23-24% of gluten, this type of wheat flour is made by a mixture of the best imported soft and hard grains of wheat imported to Egypt.
biscuits (self rising wheat flour)
With10% of protein and 19-20% of gluten, Biscuits Flour is perfect when you need to make biscuits or something very close to that. However, if you’re looking for a different flour, you can check the specification of our other types of wheat flour.

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