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Pasta spaghetti 250 gm Super Black Brand , Natural taste

$0.11 / Pack -FOB

Brand Super Black
Pasta Type Spaghetti
Weight 250 gm
Flavor Natural
 Packaging Box of 20 packets
Cooking Time 8 minutes
Shelf Life 18 month
•Superior Quality
• Competitive price
• Easy to cook
• Do not stick
  • Please note that prices are changing according to global stock market – to get the accurate price contact our sales team directly
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Product Description

Pasta spaghetti 250 gm Super Black Brand , Natural taste
Brand Super Black
Pasta Type Spaghetti
Weight 250
Packaging Sachet
Shelf Life 18 Month
Cooking Time 8 minutes
Flavor Natural

Production Lines

Packing Details

  • 1* 20 Ft Container Loads 27 MT
  • 1 MT ( 100 Carton *10 KG)
  • 1 Carton (40 PC *250 GM)
  • Total: (2700 Carton *10 KG) / 20 FT container
  • Store In Cool and Dry Place (25°C Max)

Customized Orders

Private Label

We can produce & Export Pasta Under private label to serve our customers better. (on Customer account)

Special Packing

For trial orders we can compose a mixed container among different pasta shapes depending on customer requirements.

Special Production

Ability to provide a wide variety of multiple Pasta categories depending on client needs

Delivery Details

– Delivery time depends on order volume.
– We can deliver our products to any port.
– We are near you in Egypt so you will get very low shipping cost.
– We are very committed to Shipping schedules.




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About Us

Hello, Boom Plus is here. It’s our pleasure to meet you.
Let us introduce ourselves as a major Pasta and Wheat Flour production and exporting company in Egypt, with global clientele.
Quality guaranteed as we’re ISO 9001 certified. If you’re an African Company you’ll be happy to know that we’re a COMESA member.
You must’ve tasted our Pasta and Flour as we have more than 15 Pasta brands and 30 Wheat flour brands worldwide.

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Weight 27000 kg
Spaghetti thickness

Customized 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.2 mm


Very tasty


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