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Wheat Flour 1Kg Ankit Brand - Grocery Stores, Super Markets

$0.48 / Packet -FOB

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Weight 1 Kg
Flour type All purpose
Extract 72%
Moisture 14%
Protein 11.5% – 12.5%
Gluten 24%- 28%
* Variety of specifications depending on clients order

* We analyse every sample during milling to ensure specification.

  • Please note that prices are changing according to global stock market – to get the accurate price contact our sales team directly
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Product Description

Production Lines

Packing Details

  • 1 x 20 FT Container Loads 23 MT
  • 1 MT (1000 Sachet x 1 kg
  • Total: (23000 Sachets x 1 kg) / 20 FT container
  • Also Available Packing in : 2 kg, 5 kg, 25 kg and 50 Kg

Customized Orders

Loading Process

1. Preparing the conatiner.

could allow air and moisture to enter the container.

2. Wrap the container from the inside.

Applying wrapping inside the container using the material of your choice. There are three choices: Kraft & Plastic, Only Kraft or Only Plastic.

3. Fumigation and Silica.

We follow global standards of fumigation of the container and use Silica gel to further reduce the moisture inside the container.

4. Loading the product.

The product is loaded into the container with proper care and sorted to fill it's full capacity while retaining it's shape.

5. Cover the front of the container.

The front side of the container is covered with your desired material to complete the product protection process before locking the door of the container.

6. Secure the shipment.

After the container is properly locked, it's sealed and sent to the shipping line for loading the container on its particular vessel.

Delivery Details

Weight 1 kg
Disclaimer: Our products are strategic commodities which don't have a standard price and are weekly updating. We do not have a price list as the price offer depends on the confirmation time, quantity and specs.

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