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Macaroni 25 Kg Bella, Dry Pasta High Quality

$2.87 / Bag -FOB

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Brand Bella
Shape Short cut
Weight 25 kg
Minimum order quantity 25 Metric ton
Processing Type Machine
Cooking time 6~8 Mins
Origen Egypt
• Superior Quality
• Competitive price
• Easy to cook
• Non-stick
  • Please note that prices are changing according to global stock market – to get the accurate price contact our sales team directly
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Production Lines

Production Lines
Production Lines

Packing Details

Bella packing details
    • ✔️1 x 40 ft container loads 25 MT
    • ✔️1 MT = 40 Pack x 25 KG
    • ✔️Total : 1000 Pack x 25 kg / 40 ft container
    • ✔️Also Available Packing in : 250 G, 300 G , 350 G ,450 G , 500 G , 1 KG & Bulk Packing with 10 KG.
    • ✔️ High Quality PP Plastic Bag.
    • ✔️ We choose thick bags material to protect your pasta
    • ✔️ Available plastic covering inside the container to prevent sea water access to the flour bags.


Customized Orders

Customized Orders

Private Label

We Can Produce & Export Pasta Under Private Label To Serve Our Customers Better (On Customer Account).


Customized Orders

Mixed Trial Order

For Trial Orders, We Compose A Container With A Mix Of Different Pasta Shapes Under One Brand.


Customized Orders

Special Production

Ability To Provide A Wide Variety Of Multiple Pasta Categories (Depending On Client Needs).


Delivery Details

Bella packing details
  • ✔️ Delivery time depends on the order volume.
  • ✔️ We can deliver our products to any port.
  • ✔️ We are near you in Egypt so you will get a very low shipping cost.
  • ✔️ We are very committed to Shipping schedules.



Quality guaranteed as ISO certified since 2008. Also FDA registered and holding many references in USA.

Pasta Type

Twist, Elbow, Vermicelli




Wheat flour

Pasta Spaghetti Brands

Weight Pasta


Disclaimer: Our products are strategic commodities which don't have a standard price and are weekly updating. We do not have a price list as the price offer depends on the confirmation time, quantity and specs.

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