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Our mission starts when we choose the finest hard wheat grains to produce premium quality wheat flour. We mix the highest quality wheat flour with fresh water and add a special improver to produce hard, tasty pasta. Therefore, we can offer the best pasta wholesale with competitive prices and incredible quality. 

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The Ideal Wheat Flour Is One That Fits The Needs Of Your Business

We work with ten different types of wheat flour, each one with its own quantities of gluten and protein. However, if you prefer wheat flour with other specifications, we can provide the perfect fit for you! You just need to contact us and customize your order!

Honorably, we produce our own wheat flour, we follow standards and requirements demanded by international regulations bodies as ISO 9001:2015 and Halal Certification. We’re also registered by FDA. That fact guarantees the high quality of our products and allowing them to be sold in the whole world.

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Quality guaranteed as ISO certified since 2008. Also FDA registered and holding many references in USA.

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We treat your business as our own: with priority! We know every market has its characteristics, so we facilitate procedures to supply fast move products to clients. We attend to all pasta shapes and flour types with our brands and private labeling. Customize the product to suit your market, and order the best pasta from Egypt.

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