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Is this pasta good? How to choose the best spaghetti

Food service companies need to ensure good quality for customers. When it comes to pasta dishes, how to make sure you answer the question “Is this pasta good?” always with a yes? In this blog post, you will find the necessary tips to choose the best spaghetti for your food service necessities. This content was created by Boom Plus’s specialists in pasta!

Imagine the following situation: you find good prices on an internet quotation. Without having seen any of the company’s products, you buy, and receive your order, because the company had all the papers and everything looked safe. When the chef cooks, the macaroni is sticky and doesn’t match the label instructions. Thousands of dollars are lost. Changing the shipment would take other row of days and headaches. You don’t want that to happen, right?

So, before finishing business, always ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the gluten percentage of the product?
  • What kind of flour is used?

What is the right gluten percentage?

When looking for the best spaghetti, pay attention on the protein and gluten specification of the wheat flour used. Try and follow Boom Plus’s specifications, as they are reference. The amount of protein and gluten indicate that the pasta isn’t sticky. If gluten is under 25%, the pasta might break easily and cook irregularly. Also, when the amount of ash in the flour is above 0.65%, small black dots could be visible on the spaghetti.

Which are the unique benefits?

Don’t trust what you don’t see! This is basic to pay attention on when you want to choose the best. Other things you must look for:

  • Is the production ISO certified?
  • Does the company take responsibility for the shipping procedures?

Success stories begin when you choose experts. And experts commit to schedules, acquire certifications and ensure the best raw material quality.  When in doubt between companies, for example, you can use the unique benefits as tiebreak criteria. The unique benefits that might help you choose:

  • Flexible payment conditions for pasta
  • Private labeling options
  • Wide variety of pasta shapes and thicknesses
  • Last, but not least: price

Trust specialists: go with Boom Plus!

Boom Plus for Manufacturing & Commerce is one of the leading FMCG exporting companies in Egypt. We produce & export many kinds of foodstuff such as wheat flour, pasta & salt.  Boom Plus acquires the certificates which are mostly looked for: ISO 9001:2015, Halal Certified and COMESA membership. The company is known for the finest hard wheat flour and for the vast variety of products.

If you are a cook, a chef or any company, when buying Boom Plus’s brands, you are acquiring close inspection of shipments for highest quality standards, lowest possible product costs, timely production and shipment updates to clients. This dedication makes us stand out of the crowd. Take the best decision! Do business with a reference company, with robustness, reliability and flexible payment terms. Contact our sales team by clicking the button:

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