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the best salt in egypt now at the best price on the international market

medium salt

medium kitchen salt - 1mm

Medium Salt (Kitchen Salt) differs from Table Salt in its size; every grain of Medium Salt (Kitchen Salt) in Boom Plus can pass through a 1mm sieve, while our Table Salt can pass through only a 0.2mm sieve!

coarse salt

coarse salt - 2.5mm

Coarse Salt, also known as Kosher Salt, is the bigger version of Table Salt; with large crystals and granules of salt. It’s usually used to salt meat and give a unique and tasty flavor to your weekend dishes.

table salt

Table salt - 0.2mm

One of the most popular type of salt, the Table Salt is the perfect sprinkle of taste in every recipe.  Make your favorite dish and trust our Sal Royal to keep the taste under control.

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